We are changing the joint replacement experience. 


day hospital stay

patients discharged

directly home

of patients walk more than

300 feet the morning after

surgery and have the ability

to fully extend their knee to

a perfect "0" degrees



Judith Brandow

July 10, 2018

Dr. Jain gave me two hip replacements. I had my right hip operated on last June of 2017 and my left hip in May of 2018. I would recommend Dr. Jain to anyone who needs hip or knee surgery. I now can walk and drive and move around without pain. Dr. Jain is so compassionate and truly cares for his patients. Thank you Dr. Jain.

Georgia Price

Oct. 8, 2018

Dr. Jain answered all of my many questions with patience and care. He wanted me to be ready for hip replacement surgery. He provided printed materials in addition to his clear explanation of the surgery. I walked without pain the morning after surgery. I definitely recommend Dr. Jain for hip replacement surgery.

Mary Lou Letheby

Oct. 11, 2018

Yeah! I can walk up and down stairs alternating legs. I can sit in a chair without plopping down. I can stand up from a chair smoothly. I can stand, I can walk, I can get on the floor. All of these things and more were difficult for me, if not impossible before my surgeries. I met with Dr. Jain in January 2017 and felt immediately at ease. There was no pressure, we just talked. We did the usual non-surgical treatments, but without significant relief. So in October 2017, Dr. Jain replaced my left knee, and in April 2018 he replaced my right knee. Both surgeries a complete success! I went home the same day with both surgeries, started rehab the very next day. I live in Wisconsin, so after two weeks, with Dr. Jain's approval, I transferred my rehab to a clinic close to me. All of the physical therapists at the clinic were very impressed at the amount of movement I had and limited swelling. Rehab is a very important part of the recovery process, you must do it and continue to do it. In fact, I continue to exercise to keep my knees and the rest of my body strong. My knee problems were so gradual that I did not realize how bad they were, how much I was missing out on, until now. My life is back. Dr. Jain, Shelby, Dave and Mike are a great team and will be by your side the whole time. My recommendation is if you are having knee problems, call, go and talk with Dr. Jain, you will be happy you did.

Joe LoCascio, Hip Replacement

It's normally a two-to-three day process of rehab in the hospital after surgery, but I was able to leave by lunchtime on the second day. That might have been a little bit unusual, but I think it speaks a lot to the care that I received.

Priscilla Pisarki, Knee Replacement

Having my knee replaced gave me a new lease on life. It was getting old with my knee, with the arthritis. I couldn't do the things I wanted to do at church. I couldn't do things with my grandkids. And I was really starting to feel all my age. After my surgery, I am able to be active in my church again. Life it too short. You've got to move. So now I move, because if I keep moving, illness can't catch me or anything else.

Rhonda Henke, Knee Replacement

The staff at the Center for Joint Care recommended that I start my rehab even before I had surgery. Not only did they recommend rehab strength training and things of that nature, they also suggested an anti-inflammatory diet. Once my surgery was over, I was up and walking to rehab within 24 hours. They don’t focus on what you cannot do; they really focus on what you can do. Now that I have recovered from my surgery, not only have I been able to return to work, but I am stronger and better than ever!

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