Total joint replacement and home the same day of surgery.



Dr. Jain has perfected joint replacement to be performed in the outpatient setting. As a result, a qualified candidate may discharge directly home the same day as total joint replacement surgery. The surgery may be performed at the outpatient surgical center or the hospital. The procedure is pre-authorized with your insurance company. Candidates may require additional medical clearance to ensure it is safe to receive a total joint replacement in the outpatient setting vs. traditional hospital setting.


You will stand and begin to walk hours after surgery. Patients are home the same evening of surgery and receiving outpatient physical therapy the next day. Most patients are quickly walking without a walker, tapered off of the pain medicine, released to drive and back to work in as little as two weeks.

Make an appointment with Dr. Jain today to discuss your options.

1. Where will my surgery be performed?

If you are a candidate, you may have your surgery at our outpatient surgical center. If not, you will have your surgery at the hospital


2. Will I go home the same day?

If you have your surgery at the outpatient surgical center, you will go home the same day. If you have your surgery at the hospital, it is possible for you to go home the same day. However, most patients stay overnight at the hospital and are home the day after surgery.


3. Am I able to return directly home to my own home?

Yes, most patients have the ability and safety to return directly home the day after surgery and attend outpatient physical therapy the next business day after returing home.


4. When will I follow up with my surgeon?

All of our patients follow up with their surgeon or his physician's assistant 10 days following the date of surgery. At that time, the dressing is removed and most patients are already off of the walker, discountinued pain medicine, and released to drive.


5. Where will my incision be and how long is it?

Your incision will be located in the front of your hip or knee. This procedure is a minimally invasive surgery and the incision is usually no greater than 4-5 inches for the hip and 5-6 inches for the knee.


6.  Will there be any precautions following my anterior joint replacement?

You will be able to bend over to tie put your socks and cross your legs immediately following surgery.  There are some precautions that our therapist will review with you. However, most patients do not feel that these precautions effect nor limit their activities of daily living.


7.  How long will I be in physical therapy?

Most joint replacement patients require only 4 to 6 weeks of physical therapy 2 to 3 times per week.

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