New anterior approach, minimally invasive total hip replacement.



Dr. Jain uses a new approach to hip replacement that allows you to be up moving and walking sooner with less pain and recovery time. This approach is minimally invasive where Dr. Jain replaces your hip from the front. His technique is muscle sparing and allows a quicker rehabilitation time and more comfortable experience. He has patients that travel from out of state to receive this procedure from him and Dr. Jain travels across the country to teach newer surgeon how to properly and efficiently perform this procedure.


You will stand and begin to walk hours after surgery. Most patients are home the day after surgery and receiving outpatient physical therapy the next day. Some patients will discharge home the same day of surgery if medically cleared. Quickly, most patients are walking without a walker, tapered off the pain medicine and are released to drive.  Some patients are back to work in as little as two weeks or sooner.

Make an appointment with Dr. Jain today to discuss your options.

1. Where will my surgery be performed?

If you are a candidate, you may have your surgery at our outpatient surgical center. If not, you will have your surgery at the hospital


2. Will I go home the same day?

If you have your surgery at the outpatient surgical center, you will go home the same day. If you have your surgery at the hospital, it is possible for you to go home the same day. However, most patients stay overnight at the hospital and are home the day after surgery.


3. Am I able to return directly home to my own home?

Yes, most patients have the ability and safety to return directly home the day after surgery and attend outpatient physical therapy the next business day after returing home.


4. When will I follow up with my surgeon?

All of our patients follow up with their surgeon or his physician's assistant 10 days following the date of surgery. At that time, the dressing is removed and most patients are already off of the walker, discontinued pain medicine, and released to drive.


5. Where will my incision be and how long is it?

Your incision will be located in the front of your hip. This procedure is a minimally invasive surgery and the incision is usually no greater than 4-5 inches.


6.  Will there be any precautions following my anterior hip replacement?

You will be able to bend over to tie put your socks and cross your legs immediately following surgery.  There are some precautions that our therapist will review with you. However, most patients do not feel that these precautions effect nor limit their activities of daily living.

7.  How long will I be in physical therapy?

Most anterior total hip patients require only a month of physical therapy twice per week.

8.  How do you determine that someone is appropriate for the procedure?

Every effort is made to exhaust all non-surgical methods of treatment prior to suggesting total joint replacement. However, when other strategies fail to offer relief and your joint is "bone on bone”, you may be a candidate for total joint replacement. Once it is determined that you are a candidate for joint replacement, your surgeon will discuss your options of outpatient surgery vs. inpatient surgery.​

9.  What do I need to do to prepare for surgery?

You will be asked to receive surgical clearance from your primary care provider. You may also be asked for additional cardiac clearance if you are at higher risk and/or you seek to have your surgery in the outpatient day surgery setting. You will also meet our joint coordinator who will be your advocate through the process. He will sit you down and talk you and your "coach" through all of the steps required to ensure the best outcome for you.

10.  What happens on the day of surgery and after surgery?

You may have your "coach" with you during the "getting ready" process for the surgeon. This process usually last up to two hours. The surgeon will take the patient to the operating room. Your "coach" and/or family will meet up with you in two to three hours. You will stand a couple of hours after surgery and usually will eat a meal in a bedside chair. If it is your goal to return home the same day, you must demonstrate your safety and independence of mobility with our physical therapist. Otherwise, you will stay overnight and be busy with our therapists in the hospital.

11.  What is the in-hospital therapy schedule?

Regardless of your decision to be discharged home the same day vs. staying overnight or having your surgery at the surgery center vs. hospital, you will stand and walk the same day as surgery.

If your plan is to go home the same day you must demonstrate safety of all mobility with the physical therapist and nursing staff. If you stay overnight you will adhere to the following treatment schedule the day after your surgery:


6:00 am - You will be up, bathed and dressed, eating breakfast in a bedside chair.

7:00 am - You will meet with clinicians and coordinator in your room.

9:00 am - Round 1: Physical Therapy

11:00 am - You will meet the representative from the compression company in your room.

11:30 am - Eat lunch.

1:00 pm - Round 2: Physical Therapy

3:00 pm - You will prepare for discharge home.

After discharge care

  • Most patients discharge directly home

  • Patients attend outpatient PT the next business day

  • Follow up with surgeon 10 days following surgery

  • Dressing removed

  • Walker discontinued

  • Pain med tapered off

  • Released to drive​​

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